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Livingston, Texas, is known for its recreational sites and friendly, welcoming locals. The townspeople in the area appreciate nature, a love of history, and an even deeper appreciation for all things Texas. It should come as no surprise that the residents of Livingston then also appreciate an excellent rum drink more often than not. Find out which types of rum locals enjoy and how they enjoy it. When you figure out which kind of rum drink sounds best to you, find a nearby Zipps Liquor and rum store in Livingston, TX.

Different Types of Rum to Enjoy in Cocktails or to Sip

While most all rum is made from sugar, there are still variations of rum production. The two primary types of rum that you will hear people discuss are light and dark rum. These two characteristics provide plenty of information to delineate which rum you need for a cocktail or punch. Still, other rums that have more nuanced flavors are also worth noting. Aside from the essential light and dark rums, different rum types include: 

  • Amber 
  • Flavored 
  • Spiced 
  • Premium 
  • Over-Proof

Types of Rum Drinks to Enjoy While in Livingston

This Texas city has plenty to do during the day and nightlife. Plenty of activities and sites are family-friendly, while others would be better reserved for you and a special someone. Plan to spend your foray into Livingston, visiting sites that are hundreds of years old or marveling at nearby manufactured lakes. The ancient cemetery nearby is open for visitors and is part of an unofficial walking ghost tour that wraps around the older part of the town. Pick a rum drink and get ready to see the sites that Livingston offers. No matter your purpose for visiting Livingston, there is likely a rum drink that fits the occasion. 

Rum Drinks for Casinos 

Choose a flavored rum for a mixed drink for an evening at the slots. Flavored rums are usually the lowest in alcohol and will keep you on your toes, so you don’t lose every penny you have. Flavored rums typically pair with fruitier, more fun, and tropical drinks that most everyone enjoys on vacation from time to time. Locals consider these a guilty pleasure, while you may find them to be perfectly acceptable vacation fare. 

  • Lime Cooler 
  • Coco Colada Spritz 
  • Frozen Piña Colada

Rum Drinks for Parks 

Part of the joy of experiencing national parks is taking in all the sites and sounds of nature. The trees, wildlife, and waterways provide a serene escape from everyday life. Good advice for visiting a large national park is always visiting with a partner and never swimming without a life jacket. Another good suggestion for parks is to choose overproof rum for your cocktails. While the ABV can go all the way up to 85% in some bottles, there is no better place to enjoy it and then let it wear off than lounging at the park all day. 

  • Green Swizzle 
  • August Sun
  • Rumba 

Rum Drinks for Cemeteries 

The Old City Cemetery in Livingston is a sacred place. It is open to visitors who intend to observe social norms and respect those in their final resting place. Since Livingston dates back to the early 1800s, many townspeople have generations of family buried there. Visiting a cemetery is always a somber affair but one that is made palatable with an amber rum drink in one hand and your hat in the other. 

  • Texas Tea
  • Rum Sour 
  • Cable Car 

Rum Drinks for Ghost Hunting 

While the walking ghost tour in Livingston is an unofficial one, locals swear by the presence of the supernatural throughout the centuries-old city. Chances are, the Livingston locals will know all the stories behind the sightings too. You can typically find a helpful guide in one of the local bars or restaurants to take you around the most reported hot spots for ghost sightings. Choose a spiced rum cocktail to warm you back up from all the chills that will run up your spine during the tour. 

  • Texas Coffee 
  • Hot Buttered Rum 
  • Spiked Apple Cider 

Rum Drinks for Historical Sites 

A light rum will do for historical sites. The city hall or the courthouse in Livingston are popular destinations for visitors but are appreciated by locals just the same. In the summer months, nearby Lake Livingston is low enough to see the remnants of a settlement city that existed below it before it was flooded to make way for an artificial lake in 1966. Grab a cocktail and your goggles to catch a peek at what lies beneath. 

  • Mai Tai 
  • Daiquiri
  • Painkiller 

Rum Drinks for Tourists Attractions

If you travel like most people, you appreciate sites because you’re there for a good time, not for a long time. A dark rum makes the swift pace of getting in as many sites as possible a more leisurely event. Be sure to check with locals at the rock or sewing shop to ask for their recommendations on dark rum cocktails too. 

  • Ginger Snap 
  • Jungle Bird 
  • Dark and Stormy 

Rum Drinks for a Special Dinner 

A few local restaurants make a lovely backdrop for anniversaries, proposals, or special occasions. If sharing your precious moments with other people isn’t your style, pack a picnic dinner or grab some casual take-out and head to the dam or Pedigo Park for an evening under the stars. This special soiree might be the time to spring for the premium rum. While premium rums are generally reserved for sipping, no law states you can’t make a cocktail from top-shelf libations. 

  • Hotel Nacional 
  • Rum Negroni 
  • Old Cuban 

Zipps Liquor store Livingston locations have various rums, mixers, and other cocktail ingredients that help make a good party even better. A more comprehensive selection of options with lower prices than neighboring liquor stores guarantees you’ll have more to spend on new types of rum that you’ve been dying to try. Do like the locals do and visit a Zipps Liquor to find the rum of your choice while in Livingston, Texas.

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