Presidents’ Day: A List of U.S. Presidents’ Favorite Drinks

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From leading our troops to engaging in foreign affairs, the job of a U.S. president is no easy feat. All the pressure and intensity can dry your throat and make you thirsty. Once in a while, presidents take a sip of their favorite drink to unwind and wash the stress away. 

However, there is no one go-to drink for all presidents. Some indulged in classic wines while others preferred sports drinks. Celebrate this President’s Day and pay tribute to your favorite POTUS by drinking their favorite beverage. 

Read on to know more about U.S. presidents’ favorite drinks.

What Do We Celebrate on President’s Day?

President’s Day is a federal holiday we celebrate every third Monday of February. While it was originally called Washington’s Birthday as a tribute to the first U.S. president, it was later given a more categorical name, which is President’s Day

As the holiday’s name suggests, we celebrate it to show respect for and honor all U.S. presidents.

9 U.S. Presidents and Their Favorite Drinks

presidents favorite drinks

If we go through the favorites of all 46 U.S. presidents, then we’ll be here all day, and there will be no time left for a drink. That’s why we’ll only focus on the favorite beverages of nine particularly popular or recent presidents. 

George Washington: Dark Porter

Let’s start with the first president’s favorite drink — a dark porter. Originating in England, this beer had a resurgence in popularity following the end of the prohibition. It’s glazed with molasses and easily recognized for its deep black malts. It also comes in different flavors like chocolate and caramel and is a drink of choice during colder seasons.

Theodore Roosevelt: Mint Julep

This popular president and writer liked to quench his thirst with a mint julep. He even used this drink to convince his politician friends to take a breather and play sports with him. After all, who wouldn’t be tempted by this minty, refreshing, and sweet bourbon cocktail? It’s also easy to make. All you need are a couple of mint leaves and mint sprig, a quarter ounce of simple syrup, and two ounces of bourbon like the 1972 Small Batch Bourbon.

Franklin Roosevelt: Gin Martinis

Franklin Roosevelt signed the Beer and Wine Revenue Act into law to legalize the sale of beer and wine as a prelude to ending prohibition. It’s no surprise then that the man enjoyed a drink, but he particularly enjoyed gin martinis. Gin is quite versatile and can be matched up with fruits, herbs, and spices to get distinct flavors. It makes sense that gin martinis are one of the president’s favorite drinks.

Richard Nixon: Château Lafite Rothschild

Richard Nixon served as president during the height of the Cold War and the Space Race. One way he relaxed was by sipping some Château Lafite Rothschild. This classic, French red wine has an intense and vibrant taste with an aromatic scent. It goes well with meat dishes too, making it an ideal dinner drink.

Ronald Reagan: California Wines

Nixon is not the only wine drinker who lived in the White House. Ronald Reagan also liked to indulge in some California wines. This steadfast president grew a fondness for these varieties of wine ever since he migrated to California. With nearly 90% of American wines being produced in the state, it’s safe to assume that these beverages pack some pretty good flavors.

George W. Bush: Didn’t Drink

A list wouldn’t be fun without one or two oddities now, would it? For this list, our special case would be President George W. Bush. The man simply did not have a fondness for alcoholic beverages. In fact, he even stopped drinking liquor altogether when he stepped into office. This is in stark contrast with his father who drank all sorts of drinks ranging from beers to vodkas. However, the younger Bush did still drink a can of soda every now and then.

Barack Obama: Beer

Sometimes, all you need is a good, old, refreshing beer. Just ask Barack Obama. The man likes to end his tiring day with a fresh glass of ice-cold beer. Now, that’s a classic drink for one classic president. 

Donald Trump: Diet Coke

Speaking of classics, there’s no soda that’s more classic than the ubiquitous Coca-Cola — or in President Donald Trump’s case, Diet Coke. Similar to Bush, Trump is not a heavy fan of liquor. He even made several declarations that he had already refrained from drinking alcohol altogether. Sometimes, a can of diet soda is all a man needs.

Joe Biden: Orange Gatorade

While there are presidents who only prefer soda, the current U.S. president takes it up a notch by having orange Gatorade as his favorite drink. Gatorade is a sports drink known for its electrolyte content. President Biden likes this drink as it gives him the hydration he needs to lead the country.

What’s Your Favorite Drink?

U.S. presidents have different styles of leadership just as much as they have different drink preferences. From cocktails to sodas, the scope of drinks these presidents enjoy goes far and wide. There are tons of drinks you can try out this President’s Day.

Prepare to celebrate President’s Day in Texas with cocktails, wines, or beer as well as your own favorite drinks. Stock your fridge now by visiting your nearest Zipps liquor store or by shopping online. We have plenty of liquor stores throughout Texas and we offer both delivery and in-store pick-up. 

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