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Party Planning

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Often times, when shopping for a party, it’s hard to know how much or how little alcohol to buy. It can be stressful not knowing how much to order for an event. What if you order too much or, even worse, what if you don’t order enough? You don’t want your party to be a bust. Lucky for you, we took the guesswork out of it and created a drink calculator for parties to calculate how many bottles to order for your big event.

How It Works

This calculator is handy and easy to use. It is based on a two-drinks-per-person algorithm. All you have to do is plug in a few numbers, such as:

  • Event Length
  • Number of Attendees
  • Percentage of the types of alcohol your guests want (such as beer, wine, or liquor).

You also can lock down percentages if you think that guests would prefer one type of alcohol over another. This will help you be more in control and gives you a visual image of exactly what you are ordering. 

The calculator then gives you a rough estimate of how many bottles of wine, beer, or spirits you will need to order for the event. This will help so that you aren’t stuck with over or under buying for your party.

Why It Works

This calculator is a helpful tool to help with your party planning. It helps keep inventory on the amount of products you ordered so you can know how quickly, or slowly, the alcohol is consumed at your event. It is a helpful tool to make sure that your guests aren’t overly inebriated by the end of the night. No matter the size of the event – big or small – this calculator helps you keep track of every bottle you buy.

The drink calculator comes in handy when you are on a tight budget. No more spreadsheets or second-guessing! This tool can help you take back control of your event planning and get back to more pressing matters, like the music playlist.  When you are deciding the percentage of beer, wine or spirits, you are in control of how much and what types of alcohol get served.

For all your party planning needs, we have you covered, from giving you a rough estimate on how much you’ll need to order, to helping you decide what mixers work best with the liquor you chose. Visit one of our many locations to browse our fully-stocked shelves or ask our friendly staff members for a recommendation. We even have a party supply aisle with cups, shot glasses, and other party goods just in case you forget something. We have 3-4x more inventory than the average neighborhood liquor store, so you are sure to find some of your favorite beers, wines, or spirits.

With our drink calculator, you’ll always know how much alcohol you’ll need for your next party. Skip the stress, and use our drink calculator for parties to plan your next party today. 

Once you know what liquor to purchase for your guests, choose Zipps Liquor to provide liquor for your party. Call us to get a free quote.

Visit your local Zipps Liquor store to stock up on your favorite beer, wine, & spirits!

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