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drive-thru liquor store in Nacogdoches TX

From fast food and shopping to entertainment (and everything in between), it’s clear that the luxury of the drive-thru innovation has been a powerful consumer attraction for many businesses. Some of our favorite foods are served through windows, lots of popular supermarkets have a pick-up option for groceries, and we can get food from just about anywhere delivered to our doorstep after just a few taps on a phone. Surely, then, there must be a quick and convenient way to pick up a bottle of something on your way home, right? 

Good news, there is! Drive-thru liquor stores are the liquor store equivalent of all those convenient shopping options that are ready whenever you need them—no getting out of the car required. Our Zipps store right here in Nacogdoches features a drive-thru for your all those reasons and more. It might sound a little too good to be true, and on occasion drive-thru liquor purchase has attracted some controversy. Here’s what you need to know about how drive-thru liquor stores work and why you should visit the best one in Nacogdoches for yourself.

How do drive-thru liquor stores work?

A drive-thru liquor store lets you drive up and ask for booze, then hands it through a window or brings it to your car (depending on the set-up) and takes your payment before you drive away. Especially in this regulation-heavy world, this seems a bit too good to be true, right? 

There really isn’t too much of a mystery to these stores or why they’re permitted. Although there is some variation state-to-state, they all pretty much revolve around the idea that buying alcoholic beverages while sitting in the car is hardly different than buying a bottle in a gas station before driving off—you’re in the car on your way to some place where you’ll be enjoying the bottle, it’s NOT about drinking in the car.

In terms of the physical set-up at drive-thru liquor stores, some will have a literal drive-thru window. Others are more of a pit stop with the selection of products listed on an illuminated board near where you pull up. Either way, it really is a matter of driving right through a place then off to your final destination to enjoy your drinks.

Further regulations depend on your state and county. In Texas, for example, it’s illegal to have an open container in your vehicle on any public highway—whether the car is parked or in motion. Make sure you keep your bottles capped and sealed until the ride home is over.

Why should I go to the drive-thru for my liquor?

The name of the game is convenience. If you know exactly what you need, why bother having getting out of your car, walking into the store, looking around for what you want, and taking it to the register to pay before heading back to your car? It might sound silly, but it’s the same thought process you go through when you don’t really feel like sitting down for your fast food meal and opt instead for the drive-thru window—it’s just more convenient! 

That said, if you don’t have a clear list of what you’re going to buy and you are going to need to browse for a bit, getting out of your vehicle and taking a look around the “old fashioned way” will be a better option for you. Good thing drive-thru liquor stores still have a front door.

Drive-thru liquor stores are, without a doubt, one of the most convenient and quickest ways to get the liquor you need without any fuss. Try it for yourself at our Nacogdoches, TX store today!

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