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New Year’s Eve is a festival no matter your age, religion, or location in the world. However, celebrating the big countdown to the following year may look different depending on traditions, the weather, and, most recently, added restrictions. No matter how you end up celebrating, ensuring that you have a drink in hand for the ball drop at midnight is a top priority. As you make your lists for party supplies, outfit accessories, and food, make sure to include a stop at your nearby liquor store in Texas to get everything you need for your New Year drinks recipes.

Deciding on the best kind of drink to make on New Year’s mainly depends on the type of night you’re planning. There’s always room for spontaneity, and no one is saying you can’t grab your coat and heels and head out to a fancy soiree at the last minute. However, there are a few classic plans that have ideal New Year’s drink pairings.

The Pre-Gamers 

The pre-gamers are ready for a whole night out on New Year’s Eve that will last well into New Year’s Day. These parties have an itinerary and a tightly packed schedule of parties and engagements to hit. They have places to go and people to see before the ball drops. After the clock strikes midnight, they break loose and are set to party, but until then, they have to remain reserved so that they don’t miss out on any of the fun. 

Drink Recommendation

The Top Off with Violet Crown Emerald Absinthe 

The Happy Hosts 

The happy hosts are likely your college friends that got married and are continuing a frat and sorority tradition of hosting a party that lasts until after the ball drops each new year. Now, however, they ensure your safety by having everyone drop their keys into a basket and pre-arrange Ubers for your ride home before the night even begins; it’s a non-negotiable part of the entry to the party. These folks will have an open bar and also encourage BYOB to share and share-alike. You will find them drinking wine and beer the whole night long until midnight when the bubbly gets cracked open. 

Drink Recommendation

Treat yourself and your hosts to a few bottles of Celebration, a Champagne-style sparkling white from Llano Estacado Winery

The Couch Surfers 

Your friends that are all partied out or have kids and couldn’t get a babysitter are likely spending the evening on the couch. There is nothing wrong with this option, and they will be feeling brighter and bushy tailed than all of your peers combined. If they have family or kids around, they can’t imbibe too much, so they will likely turn to light drinks or wine and beer options. If it’s just a couple who doesn’t like the hubbub of New Year’s festivities, they might enjoy a more stiff cocktail to enjoy by the fireside. 

Drink Recommendation

Craft beer variety pack from Celis Brewers, including the Dubbel Coffee Porter and the Raspberry. 

The Early Daters 

Few things are more awkward to navigate than being in a relationship for a short time as the holidays roll around. Many people believe that relationship commitments should be put on hold from Halloween until the day after Valentine’s Day to avoid any cringe-worthy encounters with family and old friends. Figuring out what to do and whether to include or not include your new main squeeze in major holiday events can be a headache. If you include your special someone, be ready for both a fun-filled and potentially uneasy evening of new experiences and new feelings. 

Drink Recommendation

Sage Gimlet with WildJune Western Style Gin 

The Clean-Up Crew

A clean-up crew before the festivities even begin, you ask? Many families choose New Year’s Eve as the evening to take down all of their holiday decorations and to start fresh for the new year. This practice can be a daunting task, and sometimes emotions can run high, and interactions can be tense, but once everyone wakes up on New Year’s Day and all the decorations are down, everyone is all the merrier. The clean-up crew will need beverages light enough to continue cleaning and keep it together but not so weak that they are fully aware that they are working on New Year’s. 

Drink Recommendation

Hot Cinnamon Cider with Wild Rag Texas Torch Cinnamon Vodka 

The Hearty Partiers

The hearty partiers truly have no age limit. They can be young or old or in between. These partiers start when the night is young and have the energy and zeal to keep going and going and going until the sun comes up on New Year’s Day. The ball drop only signals the fever pitch of the long continuum of the party. The hearty partiers may stick with one beverage type for the night or switch it up; they have no fundamental rules. On the other hand, some long-time revelers like to set a signature cocktail for each New Year, drink that the whole evening long, and write it down in their memory books. 

Drink Recommendation

Garrison Bros. Whiskey and lemon-lime soda on the rocks 

The Fancy Diners 

Rather than spend the evening with a large crowd filled with noise and chaos, some people prefer the luxury of dining out and having a catered experience. Many restaurants offer a New Year’s Eve package where the diners start their multi-course a little later and ring in the new year at the restaurant, doing the countdown in-house with bubbly for each table. 

Drink Recommendation

French 75 with Calamity Dry Gin 

No matter what kind of party you are or how you will decide to celebrate the New Year’s Eve festivities, there are New Year’s drinks for everyone to enjoy. You can claim a signature drink or stick with a nice, easy red for the whole evening. Don’t forget the sparkling wine for midnight, and pick up some non-alcoholic sparkling grapes for the kiddos if you want them to grab a glass for the midnight toast. Zipps Liquor has all the drink supplies you need in Texas.

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