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brandy vs whisky

Spirits are in the fine category of alcohol. Distinguished and long-time drinkers can definitely recognize the difference between whisky and brandy

However, non-drinkers or those new to spirits often get confused about the difference between these two drinks. It doesn’t help that they’re the same color and often have similar branding.

This article will examine brandy vs. whisky by showing their similarities and differences. Hopefully, readers will get a clearer understanding of these two spirits.


What Is Whisky?

Whisky is a distilled alcoholic beverage that is made using fermented grain mash. There are different grains that manufacturers use to produce whisky. Some of these grains are corn, wheat and rye.

Whisky is generally aged in wooden barrels and gets its shade due to this aging process. The longer the aging process inside the wooden barrels, the darker the whisky’s color.

The alcohol content of whisky ranges from 40% to 50%. It takes about three years to mature, so you’ll have to wait a long while to consume good quality whisky.

What Is Brandy?


Brandy is a distilled alcoholic beverage that is made from grapes. However, manufacturers may also use different fruits, such as apples and peaches.

In the simplest of terms, brandy is considered distilled wine. Its name originated from the Dutch term “brandewijn,” which means burned wine.

It has a caramel shade due to it being left to age in oak barrels. This is also down to the different colorings mixed in during the manufacturing process.

While the alcohol content is in the range of 35% to 60%, people love consuming this beverage after dinner. They use it as a sort of digestif – a pleasant drink that people genuinely enjoy.

Differences Between Whisky and Brandy

There are numerous differences between whisky and brandy. Just from their descriptions alone, you can already tell that while they may look similar, they are very different drinks.

It’s essential to take note of these differences to understand and differentiate the two alcoholic beverages fully. 


The ingredients are what sets these two drinks apart. They’re the main factor that people look at and consider.

Both of these drinks are made with different ingredients. Brandy is made with different fruit juices, such as apples, peaches, and grapes. Whisky, on the other hand, uses fermented grain mash and is made with different grains such as wheat, rye, and corn.

Most brandies use grapes as their main fruit ingredient or as the base ingredient. Most whiskies use multiple grains as their base ingredient.

It’s also important to note that brandy is a form of distilled wine while whisky isn’t.


Just by tasting these two drinks, you’ll already be able to tell that they’re very different. Brandy has more of a light caramel flavor, while whisky has a stronger flavor.

This is due to the ingredients used and the aging process they follow. Brandy gets its taste from the sweet fruits as its base ingredient, while whisky gets the strong flavor from the fermented grain mash and the long aging process.

Some whiskies also have a spicy and cinnamon-like taste, while brandy is a lighter and sweeter drink overall.

So, whisky is the way forward if you’re going for a more potent drink. If you’re after a sweeter taste, you should go for brandy.

Aging process

These two drinks have different aging processes that make them unique. Whisky takes longer to mature and stays in its wooden barrel for quite some time. To be exact, it has to age a minimum of 3 years before it can mature.

Brandy doesn’t take too long to mature, on the other hand. 

brandy vs whiskey

Similarities Between Whisky and Brandy

Now that we know the differences between whisky and brandy, let’s understand how these two drinks are similar.

The following are the similarities between whisky and brandy that often cause confusion.

Both Drinks Use Fermented Products

One of the key similarities between these two drinks is how they utilize fermented products as their main ingredients.

Both whisky and brandy use a fermentation process that converts sugar into ethanol. This is what makes the two drinks alcoholic beverages and causes the intensity of their alcoholic content.

Both Drinks Have a Long History

Both of these drinks have a very long history and have been around for many centuries. In fact, both drinks date back as far as the 15th century. Wow!

While both drinks were made in different places, they were in fact created in the same century. Whisky was first made in Ireland and Scotland, while brandy was originally made in Italy by winemakers.

Both Drinks Can Be Aged For a Very Long Time

There’s no better way to enjoy whisky and brandy than by aging them properly. The two drinks can be aged for a very long time and you can keep them for as long as you like without having to worry about them going off.

While it’s true that whisky needs to be aged for a minimum of three years to be mature, that doesn’t mean that brandy can’t also be aged for just as long. They can both undergo a very long aging process.

whiskey vs brandy

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