Wine Wednesday 11: Rose

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Provence rose wine

Today we are talking about the brunch staple, Rose! Rose wine is not a certain type of grape but it actually a process of winemaking. Winemakers take red wine grapes like Pinot Noir and Syrah and press the grape skins on the clear wine juice to impart its colors on the juice. Rose ranges in style from dry and light bodied to sweet. Rose originated from and the most popular come from the Provence region of France but Rose is made in every major winemaking region with a multitude of different processes to achieve the pink color it is most famous for.

I really love a fresh a fruit bomb-y Pinot Noir Rose which are becoming increasingly popular. Bright strawberry and even some hints of watermelon candies like jolly ranchers come through on Rose made with Pinot Noir. The flexibility of Rose makes it super enjoyable for all crowds and non wine drinkers even!

Rose is a great option for lunch time and dinner. Grab a bottle of Rose in our stores today and get a taste of French elegance.

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