Wine Wednesday #12: Thanksgiving Head Start!

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With Thanksgiving coming up soon, we know you are looking for great wines to have with your favorite dishes for the holiday. This can be an intimidating process, you feel the need to balance want you enjoy vs. what everyone else might enjoy. With this blog post we are going to try and make that process a little bit easier for ya, here are our top Zipps Picks we like to enjoy for Thanksgiving!

  • Sparkling Wine
    • Sparkling wine always gets the mood right, full of bubbles and a nice pop with any bottle being opened, you really can’t go wrong. Our Zipps Pick for Thanksgiving is going to be the Luc Belaire Luxe! This sparkling brand has quickly become a house hold name in the industry for its sleek design and diverse flavors! Grab a bottle of the Luxe for a tasty sparkling that will pair really well with all your favorite appetizers!
  • Riesling
    • Sweet and Off-Dry wines are made to be enjoyed for Thanksgiving, especially Rieslings! With notes of honey, pears, apples, melon and a good acidity to it, these white wines offer a lot that can hold up to the rich meats and slightly sweet dishes you’ll be serving on your table this holiday season. Our Zipps Pick is going to be the ever popular Messina Hof Angel Riesling. This slightly sweet offering from the award winning Texas Winery carries tastes of honey, apples and zesty citrus. It is a wonderfully refreshing and sweet drink for all your foods on the table!
  • Chardonnay
    • A rich Chardonnay can elevate any great meal but especially so on Thanksgiving. Put it up against your roasted meats, veggies or mashed potatoes and watch how it takes them to the next flavor level! Our Chardonnay Zipps Pick is the Josh Cellars Chardonnay! Oaky, with notes of vanilla crème, butter and tart fruits such as apples and pears. This is sure to be a crowd pleaser for even the snobbiest wine drinker at the table!
  • Pinot Noir
    • Our last Zipps Pick is going to be a Pinot Noir, the ultimate Thanksgiving wine. Historically known as the best red wine to pair with Turkey, Pinot Noir shines during this holiday! We are going with the Meiomi Pinot Noir for our pick. With aromas of herbs and baking spices along with notes of cherry, vanilla and raspberry on the palate, the Meiomi Pinot Noir is at the top of its class for a great bottle this Thanksgiving.

All these bottles and more can be found at your local Zipps store, so stop on buy and stock up before it’s too late!

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