Impressive Distilleries and Breweries Near Austin, Texas


distileries in austin texas

Whether you’re trying to find a new place to hang out after work or you’re looking to switch up date night, it’s no secret that Austin has plenty of distilleries and breweries. Learn more about what’s in your area so that you can make the most of your time with friends and loved ones; you may even find a watering hole around the corner just for you. When friends and family or even business colleagues come into town, be the first to offer advice on local food and drink. Find out about the most impressive distilleries and breweries in the Austin area and just what makes them so popular. 


Austin has no shortage of watering holes. Check out five local distilleries that offer impressive spirits with unique atmospheres to keep you coming back.

Leanderthal Distilling 

Leanderthal Distilling is famous for its selection of spirits; new drinks are continually being released. You can enjoy both affordable cocktail and bottle service Friday and Saturday when the tasting room bar is open for drinking. One of the best parts about Leanderthal is the beautiful stone exterior that leads to a laid-back atmosphere inside; concrete floors and a few patriotic flags, and the mood is set for a no-muss, no-fuss night of fun. 

Planet Rock Vodka Distillery 

Get ready for an experience. Planet Rock is right on Lake Travis and has to be one of the coolest distilleries in Texas. You can expect craft cocktails, fresh food, and regular live music. What you might not expect is a selection of livestock roaming free that adds to the ambiance. This is one experience you don’t want to miss. 

Banner Distilling Co. 

Banner Distilling’s claim to fame is that their spirits are proofed with 100% Texas rainwater. They’re a little off the beaten path on the fringe of Austin, but you’ll know it when you see it. Banner is on 12 acres of farmland. You and your date or up to five people can tour and taste vodka and whiskey on site. This is the abbreviated and second-best option to heading to the liquor store and renting a cabin on some farmland for a weekend. 

Fierce Whiskers Distillery 

Fierce Whiskers has a large tasting room with beautiful glass windows. There’s plenty of room for you and the whole office to visit. You can find live music on special occasions and enjoy the outdoor space, which is also partially covered. Be sure to book a tour and a tasting to check out the giant copper still used to make their spirits; it’s worth the extra ticket price. 

Derelict Airship Distillery

Derelict Airship is where to go if you’re looking for a unique but laid-back experience where things might get weird, but that’s what we’re known for, right? Derelict Airship Distillery is the maker of absinthes, liqueurs, and cordials. You can book a tour of the actual distillery to treat yourself to a tipple, as they suggest, by scheduling ahead. They also offer a selection of cocktail recipes to send home with your spirits. 


One of the most impressive aspects of a brewery is whether or not it has good beer and a welcoming atmosphere. These Austin breweries offer five different experiences that still cater to the long slow sip of a good brew. 

Hi Sign Brewing 

One of the most remarkable aspects of Hi Sign is its proximity to the airport. Not only does this brewery have a great selection of beer on tap, but you can enjoy the deck while watching planes go by. Crafted itself to look like an airplane hanger, you can expect plenty of room to bring the whole crew. Enjoy a flight if you can’t decide, and be sure to swing by on a night when a food truck is parked out front. 

Meanwhile Brewing 

Meanwhile is the place if you’re looking for a little sports action with your brew. This place is impressive not just for athletes on the tube; they actually have a soccer field on-premise for you to enjoy with your frothy beverage. If a bit of kick-around wasn’t enough to settle the decision, you could also find live music and food from one of three available food trucks. The space is clean, calm, and has plenty of events to keep people interested. 

Nomadic Beerworks 

Get ready for taproom yoga. Yep, that’s a thing that you can enjoy at this Austin brewery for their Hoppy Mornings initiative. If yoga’s not your thing, no worries, and namaste; there are regular taproom hours seven days a week. With no reservation required,  you might want to swing by early for a sure seat, but there is plenty of space inside and on the patio. One of the most impressive aspects of Nomadic is not just their excellent food menu but that they have not one but three different kinds of pretzels on the menu to go with the large selection of beer. 

Central District Brewing 

Central District offers a little bit of roaring 20’s flair, Grand Central ambiance, and modern touches that make the taproom more than inviting. You can expect greenery and copper with touches of bubble lighting to offset industrial concrete floors; the ferns that hang from the ceiling add a soft touch. This women-led brewery is also making tasty beers and raking in the awards to go with them. Plan and check their special events page; they are sometimes closed for private parties and also schedule special releases and food trucks on the same page. 

Celis Brewery

A legend in Austin breweries, Celis has a copper kettle tasting room that wows anyone who comes along. A giant bar made from a copper kettle is something to behold. The history of Celis stretches back to 1992 and aptly considers itself to be one of the first local breweries in the area and the state. If the large selection of beer and tasting and release events aren’t enough, you can also expect Celis’s quintessential beer and pizza. The food truck regular, Backdraft Pizza, is there seven days a week to make sure you’re never without the best combo in the world.

If you don’t have time to head out to the local brewery or to schedule a tasting at the distillery, head to Zipps Liquor for beer and spirits on the shelves.

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