The 4 Best Girl Scout Cookie and Liquor Pairings!

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While pairing together Girl Scout Cookies and alcohol might sound weird at first, it really isn’t too far off from pairing with desserts. People all over enjoy their favorite whiskey, gin, rum or brandy as a nightcap with their desserts and if you treat Girl Scout Cookies the same way you might find yourself pleasantly surprised. In this blog you can find our 4 favorite pairings!

Tagalongs and Spiced Rum

tagalongs description cookies 19

With its sweetness, nuttiness and the bit of salt on these cookies, there isn’t a better pairing for a nice spiced rum such as Captain Morgan. If you wanted to get a little fancier you can reach for a Ron Zacapa 23 which is an aged Guatemalan rum meant for sipping. Pair it with a few Tagalongs and enjoy the flavors!

Thin Mints and Irish Coffee

thin mints description cookies 19

Just in time for St Patrick’s Day, you can pair everyone’s favorite mint-y cookie with a hot Irish Coffee. Its like a boozy mint-y coffee combination that you can’t go wrong with no matter the time of the year. Grab a box of Thin Mints and a bottle of Tullamore Dew to get started!

Samoas and Whiskey

samoas description cookies 19

This coconut-crusted, caramel-chocolate cookie goes wonderfully with whiskey. The caramel notes of Irish whiskey would be perfect, stay away from your Rye and Tennessee whiskey though. Grab a wheated whiskey like Buffalo Trace or Maker’s Mark for those delectable caramel and vanilla notes!

Lemonades and Gin

20 MarComm MeetTheCookies Council LemonUps

Topped with lemon icing, this shortbread cookie goes great with a big, juniper-y gin; a London dry variety would be especially nice. Try a couple Lemonades with your favorite Gin cocktails like a Tom Collins, Bees Knees or a Corps Reviver #2 to help all the flavors get their time to shine!

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