The 6 Best Hotels in the Woodlands, Texas

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If you are looking to spend some nights in the Woodlands, Texas then you may want to lodge in a hotel that prioritizes your comfort. Whether it is a business trip, a vacation, or somewhere to keep your guests, it is important that you have fantastic room service, a great view and all the perks of lodging in luxury–it’s the least you can expect from the best hotels in the Woodlands.

An excellent selection of the best hotels in the Woodland is listed below, along with things that make them unique. The list covers for luxury and affordable stays so you can go straight ahead to make a pick that suits your budget. Here are the 6 best hotels in the Woodlands, TX:

The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel and Convention Center

The Woodland Waterway Marriot hotel is positioned conveniently in the city, with proximity to commercial activities. This location, in particular, is terrific in case you need to get a few things during your stay or maybe explore the city’s commerce. The staff of the Woodland waterway is so polite; they treat you like a guest that you are.

There is a pool, and you can access the waterway, hence the name of the hotel. If you are looking to relax and you enjoy water bodies, you will love this aspect of the hotel. You get a warm pool and a walk by the waterway.

If you ever heard of hotel food being tasteless, the Woodland waterway Marriot hotel will correct that thought. The food is terrific, great plating, delicious meals so that you do not need to visit any other restaurant while you are there.

The warm lighting of the hotel gives it a romantic feel, making it perfect for a getaway spot. The amenities include a high-speed WiFi, a TV, a bathtub, hairdryer, furnishing, a fridge, etc. all for $193 a night.

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Embassy Suites by Hilton The Woodlands at Hughes Landing

Looking for a welcoming place to lodge while at the Woodlands, then look no further than the Embassy Suites by Hilton. Everything takes your breath away when you get in. The interior decor is lavishly beautiful, which is often the first point visitors start to acknowledge.

Right after the décor blows you away, the hotel staff embrace you with a polite reception and of course the complimentary food and drink you can get. The embassy suites is a go-to place for celebrations because they always try to make you feel special when you are celebrating by presenting you with complimentary drinks or food just for your big day.
They have a rooftop pool and a view of the river along with all the necessary amenities you will ask for in a hotel.

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Hyatt Place Houston/The Woodlands

The Hyatt place Houston is one of the hotel branches of the Hyatt chain of hotels. The facility features a modern architecture theme with necessary conveniences that will make it a top choice for family and couples. The accessible family rooms in the hotel cater to family vacations, and they have a pet-friendly policy, so you don’t have to leave your pet at home.

They have an outdoor pool, patio furniture for you to relax, excellent modern theme, a fitness center, parking, and proximity to top spots in Woodland like the shopping mall and Waterways. If you are thinking of a couple’s retreat, a family trip the Hyatt Place is the one for you, but there is no reason why you can’t stay on a business trip or solo vacation as well.

The prices depend on the room, and you get to check out at noon.

Hilton Garden Inn Houston/The Woodlands

There is a lot to love about Hilton garden inn at a glance. It is within walking distance to attractive local places like the market street, restaurants, Waterway square, Splashtown, etc. it is usually a favored hotel by couples and groups of friends primarily because of the location that allows them to comfortably explore the city.

There are different kinds of rooms to choose from with all the amenities you need for a pleasant hotel stay. There is a pool, a bar, great food and evening room service, microwave and of course fast WiFi. Most of the visitors rate it highly as a very convenient stay.

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The Woodlands Resort

The Woodlands Resort is more than just a hotel; it is a resort. To that cause, it covers a more massive expanse of land than the others in this list and includes more amenities. Expect to find fine dining, parking, public dining, spas, a water park, a lazy river, free wifi, and of course meeting rooms to cater for business trips.

The resort is exquisite and is perfect for a vacation. Whether it is a business trip, or it’s a honeymoon or a family vacation, there is something for everyone. It’s clean, and it has very accommodating staff with excellent customer service even when you contact them online.

The property is enormous, so it may be more suited to people in groups or to single people if you are looking for a sweet quiet time away from all the noise and chaos of the city. There are different rooms to choose from this luxury hotel, and your price will depend on what room you pick.

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Candlewood Suites Houston, The Woodlands

The Candlewood Suites is an excellent hotel for group stays (friends, family, and meetings). The facility and amenities are very supportive of you having an excellent time out with your friends. It is close to a museum, a hospital, and some other local businesses. However, don’t expect a breakfast bar because they provide a kitchenette for you do be able to do your own thing.

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It always helps when you can narrow down your options of hotels to stay to just the best, and this list helps by carefully picking only the best. All of these Woodlands hotels will guarantee a fantastic service, and you have to decide what kind of room you want and how long you are staying. Don’t forget to explore some part of the city while you are at it, and you will want to come in another time.

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