Welcoming Our Liquor Store in Center, TX to the Zipps Family


Center, TX

Zipps Liquor is proud to welcome a new liquor store in Center, TX, to the state-wide family of Zipps. While the site might be hot off the presses, the Zipps philosophy applies to each and every one of our stores. We believe that you should have the same selection and prices that big box stores offer but with the service and feel of a mom-and-pop shop. No matter the location, we pride ourselves on having a reasonably priced selection of beer, wine, and spirits from the windows to the walls and excellent service that will help you get your liquor quicker. Find out more about our new location in Center and how Zipps Liquor store already fits right into the local community. 

Zipps Liquor 101 

Zipps opened store numero uno in 1994 and has been expanding ever since. We focus on superior service, big savings, and giant beer, wine, and spirits selections. 


There are almost 30 Zipps locations, and we are still growing. Thankfully, Center, Texas is one of our more recent additions to the Zipps family. Our goal is to keep customers safe and happy by providing a Zipps no more than 30 minutes from their location in the lone star state. Zipps is Texan and proud


Zipps focuses on increasing convenience for customers by growing locations throughout the state of Texas and the size of our stores. It seems bigger is always better in Texas, and we agree in the way of selection, but not in store size. When a store is so big that you feel like you’re wandering in a warehouse of bottles, it can be overwhelming and too time-consuming.

Many customers report feeling overwhelmed and say they leave big box stores only to go to a smaller store with which they are more familiar. That’s us! We offer an extensive selection, expertly organized in a smaller space so that we fit right into the local landscape and so that we can get you in and out of our stores in less than six minutes and on to the festivities. 

Zipps also offers delivery service either through our own delivery service or a third-party app in many areas. Check participating locations near you and your specific address for availability. 


Living in a smaller community shouldn’t mean that you pay more than big city folks just for living differently. At Zipps, we prioritize saving for all Texans, and we are happy to pass our savings onto you no matter where you live. At our new store in Center, you can expect to save at least 10% more than you would at other stores. Sometimes, we can even help you save up to 30% more!


We believe in a location that is appropriately sized. Still, you better believe that our selection of beer, wine, and spirits stretched from the windows to the walls to cram in our massive selection of inventory. We offer local favorites and big national brands in addition to barrel selections, and our Beer Cave is second to none. Look for three to four times the choice other stores in the area offer, all in one friendly Zipps


Friendliness is the bare minimum of our service goals. Zipps wants to provide you with the small mom-and-pop shop, small building aesthetic and the same interaction quality. We work with our staff to instill the importance of making connections and building relationships. You will know the difference between just a friendly, familiar face and how 4.7/5 stars service feels when you are a repeat customer at Zipps. The combination makes returning worth it. 

Center, Texas 101 

Zipps is proud to add Center, Texas to the family. We chose Center because of its vibrant community and rich history. The locals in Center appreciate good food and drink, and Zipps is ecstatic to be a part of the festivities now too. We did a little homework and want to share the incredible attributes with people passing through or planning a trip to Center. 


Center, Texas, is located in Shelby County, Texas, and this beautiful city sits just near the Louisiana line. For history buffs, you’ll already know that Shelby County was one of the original 13 counties in Texas recognized in 1837. Talk about deep roots in Texas history! 


The city of Center is smack in the middle of Shelby County, and that’s, unsurprisingly, just how it got the name. When you stop in Center, be sure to visit nearby parks as Shelby County is known as the gateway to the Texas forest country. You can also visit The Lily Farm to witness the blooming of over 50,000 daylilies during the end of May and early June. The Lily Farm is open at select times for tours, group visits, and during peak bloom time. 

After hiking and birdwatching, flower smelling, or just relaxing on the water’s edge, check out some of the historic buildings in the area:

  • Shelby County Jail 
  • Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church 
  • Shelby County Courthouse 
  • Site of the first battle of the Regulator-Moderator War 
  • Rio Theater


Be sure to swing into Center for its long-standing festivals and upcoming seasonal events. Locals and out-of-towners regularly gather for fellowship and a good time. Seasonal events range from comedy nights to holiday markets.

Annually: What-A-Melon Festival 

  • Held the first weekend after the 4th of July 
  • Celebrates community and the juiciest watermelons you’ve ever seen 

Annually: East Texas Poultry Festival 

  • Held the first weekend in October 
  • Celebrates the city’s heritage of poultry production 

Whether you’re a local, born and raised, or you’re just passing through on your way to Louisiana, Center, Texas is a true gem to behold. Remember to stop into the new Zipps Liquor store Center TX to stock up on beer, wine, and spirits essentials with realistic price tags so you can BYOB at a local restaurant or be the life of the party without breaking the bank. 

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