Welcoming Victoria, TX to the Zipps Liquor Family


liquor store in Victoria TX

Zipps Liquor is adding to our family of stores again. This time, we’re welcoming a new liquor store in Victoria, Texas, to provide the local community with the largest selection of liquor, wine, and beer. Each time we select a new location for a liquor store in Texas to set up shop and call home, we do our homework to be good neighbors. Learn more about our commitment to the local community and find out why Victoria, Texas, should be on your shortlist of places to visit.

Welcome to Zipps Liquor

Zipps Liquor has more than 30 locations in the lone star state. That might seem like plenty of stores, but our goal is to provide you with fast service and fully stocked shelves of beer, wine, and liquor within 30 minutes of wherever you are in Texas. Our liquor store in Victoria, TX is just one more step in the right direction. 


It’s true that most people already know what they like to drink, but when shopping for gifts or unique ingredients, professional service can make all the difference. The unparalleled customer service will be the same no matter where you find a Zipps Liquor store. Friendly, smiling faces with an intelligent approach to selection and savings will be there to guide you along the way. 


Not only do we have one of the largest, most impressive Beer Cave structures of any liquor store, but we also pride ourselves on consistent choices of big brands and local offerings. You can even catch limited-edition releases of highly sought-after bottles a few times a year.


Typically, you can save at least 10% of what you would otherwise spend at other liquor stores. Depending on what you’re looking for and the products you buy, you might be able to save up to 30%. Since we have so many locations, we can pass our savings on to you, and we’re happy to do so. 


Zipps is for the people, but it’s also for the community. If you own or operate a bar in Victoria, Texas, we would love to talk to you about saving money on your wholesale order with Zipps Liquor. When you save on wholesale, you can then pass those savings on to your customers. 

Welcome to Victoria, Texas 

Victoria, Texas, is a central location between the larger cities of San Antonio, Corpus Christie, and Houston. While it might not have the population its sister cities boast, it has plenty of character. 


The area was settled long before it was colonized. Starting with the Karankawa and other indigenous tribes, the site was used for its rich coastal resources. Victoria eventually came under U.S. control in a years-long battle between Karankawa, Mexico, Spain, France, and United-States-controlled Texas. The city of Victoria was initially chartered in 1839 with the second oldest operating newspaper in the state, The Victoria née Texian Advocate, coming shortly after in 1849. Victoria has an exciting history but has maintained a close-knit community with a small-town sentiment. 

Old Victoria 

Victoria has since expanded its original boundaries. Visitors are likely to note apparent differences between the original parts of the city and more modern areas. While each section of the town has its draws, we encourage you to start with the old and work your way to the new to build a robust understanding of the area and its people. 

Traveling to Old Victoria requires a mandatory stop to both the Victoria Visitors Center and the newest location of Zipps Liquor on your way in. The Visitors Center will provide you with a map to navigate the well-worn streets to find treasures of historical significance, excellent food and drink, monuments, and can’t-miss locales. Make sure to stop into these must-sees while you’re in Old Town

  • De Leon Plaza
  • Evergreen Cemetery 
  • Leo J Welder Center 
  • Public Library
  • Fossati’s Delicatessen 
  • Rosebud Records, Grill and Theater
  • Victoria Art League 
  • Victoria County Courthouse 


There are ongoing festivals and celebrations in Victoria to look forward to each year. We can’t wait for the upcoming Leprechaun Hunt at the Victoria Library or the annual Christmas festivities that light up the city. In the meantime, visitors can enjoy celebrations that the city is known for:

  • Viva Texas Film Festival 
  • Boot Fest 
  • Five points Museum tours 
  • Nave Museum tours 


If you love to shop while traveling, make sure to pack an extra bag for your trip to Victoria. Old Victoria boasts over 40 locally-owned and operated shops and boutiques to peruse. If you decide to venture out to the newer parts of the city, you will find more standard-issue stores and shopping in the local mall.


There is no shortage of places to eat in Victoria, with over 150 local and national eateries. Since Texas is a BYOB state, you can bring your beverage to restaurants and bars. Be aware that there is sometimes a corkage or set-up fee to accommodate BYOB drinkers. Call ahead to make a reservation and bring your favorite Zipps liquor selection to dinner.

The Great Coastal BBQ Trail 

The Great Coastal BBQ Trail is a series of restaurants that celebrate local and multi-generational restaurants serving food in the area for years. There are currently five restaurants on the Victoria BBQ Trail. If you eat at more than three restaurants on the trail and take your receipts to the Visitors Center, you can redeem them for a free t-shirt to commemorate your culinary delights. 

  • KB’s BBQ
  • Uncle Mutt’s Bar-B-Que
  • McMillan’s Bar-B-Q
  • Aunt Jo’s BBQ
  • Mumphord’s Place 


Victoria, Texas, is filled with beautiful scenery and outstanding hospitality for visitors and residents alike. We are ecstatic to make a new home within the city limits and be a part of the long, rich history that Victoria contributes to the state of Texas. Next time you’re in the area or on your way to another destination in the longhorn state, stop into a nearby Zipps liquor.

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