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Zipps Liquor is proud to announce that Wharton, Texas is home to our newest location. We couldn’t be more excited to add our low prices and vast selections of beer, wine, and liquor to the local festivities. Not only is Wharton a great place to live, work, and raise a family, but the city has retained its tight-knit small-town feel while still having all of the amenities of a larger city. Join us in welcoming our new location to the family by grabbing a drink or two at your nearby Zipps liquor store and learning what makes Wharton so unique. 

Wharton in History 

When Zipps sets up shop in a new location, we make sure to do our homework to share in the local pride that makes the community special. Wharton, TX has a long and colorful history that predates modern society. First gaining political traction in the early 1800s, Wharton was stifled by the Civil War. After an influx of new populations, the city began to revitalize, with more businesses and industries rapidly being established in the early 1900s.

However, Wharton’s swift development was once again tamped by the onset of wars. Now three times over, the agricultural and political action was paused with WWI and WWII, respectively. With many of the newly built facilities being repurposed for training facilities, life was again put on hold. The development stall was such a concern that a Post War Planning Committee was formed to address the losses and rebuild. As a result, since the 1960s, the population and development in Wharton have been rising steadily and, steadily so, beginning in the 1980s. 

Wharton Now 

With a clear foundation of how Wharton started so many years ago, it’s evident that the tenacity and rich history plays a part in the community still today. While it is the center of the city government, there are also neighboring communities that fall within the Wharton metropolitan area. Each contributes a unique aspect to the overall character of the city; El Campo, East Bernard, Boling-Iago, Louise, and Hungerford are all popular places to call home if you’re looking for an even smaller microcosm of city life. Remember, Wharton is just a half-hour away from the Gulf and Houston, so there are plenty of options for the hustle and bustle right next door. 

Wharton Events and Happenings 

There are plenty of activities for everyone, and people come from near and far to enjoy our liquor store in Wharton and the warm sense of community that the city effortlessly provides. 

Wharton County Farmers Market 

Local farmers celebrate the rich agricultural history of Wharton every Saturday in the spring and summer. Visitors will delight in local, handmade, and one-of-a-kind items to bring home or gift to others. Many in the area make it a weekly stop to supplement their grocery shopping with fresh and local produce and offerings.

Shanghai Days Cowboy Gathering 

Originating in 1999, Shangai Days is a weekend-long gathering of food and fun that happens rain or shine during the last weekend of March. The Plaza Theatre typically hosts guests and over 100 vendors that make it a weekend to remember with a markedly old-timey feel.  

Cops and Rodders Car Show 

On the last Saturday in April, spectators can expect to see street rods and other antique rides to stoke their love of past automobiles. Come hungry because there will be both food and entertainment while you and your friends and family check out vendors or drop a few dollars on the raffle for charity. 

Annual Golf Tournament

The Wharton Chamber of Commerce golf tourney happens in late June annually. You can play or sponsor to win money for charity.

Wharton County Youth Fair 

Starting in 1975, the Wharton County Youth Fair began as an educational platform for scholarship opportunities. Since then, not only has it retained its original purpose, but it has grown to include the entire community and surrounding areas, bringing people in from all over. Look for the full schedule of events at the exposition center all year round to ensure you don’t miss out on any fun. 

Party Under the Bridge 

Initially, this party was to celebrate the re-dedication of the Colorado River. However, the turnout and the response were so great that the Wharton County chamber of commerce decided to make it a yearly event that people could enjoy. Look for information to attend each year in September at Dinosaur Park. 

Christmas Holiday Parade 

Each year, Wharton holds a community lighting event that includes a Christmas parade. You can apply to be in the parade with a float or just with your business or family and friends. Be sure to plan ahead of time to secure your spot and stay on Santa’s nice list. 

Snow on the Square 

Each year, the Wharton Lions Club presents Snow on the Square. This free event has food, fun, festivities, face painting, and, best of all, snow! It’s no secret that Wharton isn’t the capital of impressive snowfall, but it is the capital of magic-making. 

Wharton Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture Yearly Banquet

This year marked the 103rd birthday of the banquet, and planning for year 104 is already underway. Wharton has been celebrating strong political and community engagement for over a century, and history is there to prove it. 

Wharton Parks and Accommodations 

If events every month of the year aren’t enough to keep you entertained, Wharton also boasts ten city parks and one private golf course. If you want to grab your friends and family and some essential supplies from Zipps Liquor, you can spend the day at Dinosaur Park by the water. Pack a whole cooler of supplies from the Zipps Wharton liquor store and spend the weekend at the unique Teepee Motel and RV Park. 

Whether you’re a long-time local or just in the area for one of the many events, you’ll undoubtedly agree that Wharton is a wonderful place to spend your time; we do! Stop by your local Zipps Liquor on your way to Party Under the Bridge or a nearby park and enjoy our wide selection of beer, wine, and liquor at low prices. 

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