How To Get A Liquor License In Liberty County, TX

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Do you need to get a liquor license in Liberty County, TX for your business?

There are a large number of liquor drinkers in the state of Texas. Even only in the county of Liberty, Texas, there are more than just a handful of liquor drinkers! You have to agree that a liquor business in this county must be a lucrative one. In other words, a liquor business is a business that should generate plenty of revenue for you!

However, starting a liquor business in the state of Texas is not a walk in the park.

There are strict laws guarding the use and the sale of alcohol in the state. The law we are all familiar with is the one regarding age: you must be 21 or above to consume alcohol. But, that is not the only law. There are other laws regulating the sale and the use of alcohol in the state. 

One of the laws is that you must get a liquor license in the county where you intend to run your business, as that would be proof from the government that you are eligible to provide liquor. A liquor license proves that you provided all of the requirements to the county’s alcohol board.

Wondering if your business is in Liberty County? If your business where you will be selling liquor is in Dayton, Stilson, Kenefick, Eastgate, or Liberty, your business is in Liberty County and requires a Liberty County Liquor License. 

Be prepared to wait

Getting a liquor license is something that requires adequate knowledge of the process. Additionally, you should understand that it takes around a minimum of 30 days to get one of these licenses. This can be an extremely long time for an aspiring liquor business. Also, a lack of proper information might just make the process a lot longer for you.


One of the first things you should realize is that different types of liquor require different types of licenses. So, keep this in mind when you want to get a liquor license in Liberty County TX!

To reduce the chances of you waiting for your liquor license a lot longer than you are supposed to, here is a step-by-step approach on how to get a liquor license in Liberty County TX:

Get the proper information

Unless you want to be kept waiting for a long time, you need to have adequate information about what documents are required for you to start your application.

The first order of business should be to call the County Liquor Board, as all the information pertaining to the procurement of a liquor license can be obtained from them. Find out which license is available and if the license for the liquor you are about to start selling is available.

Begin your application

There are forms you will need to fill out. These forms can be obtained from the Alcohol Beverage Control Board of Texas. After preparing your application and filling out those forms, you send them to the County Liquor Board to have it reviewed.

The reviewing process will take quite some time. Inspection on your property will likely be done first. Also, at some point the board will need the owner of the property you are renting to sign some documents to prove you are eligible for a liquor license.

You will need to be very patient, as this whole process might take about two weeks or more. But remember, it is for the greater good in the end! Also, it makes things easier when the board does their job perfectly. There have been situations in the past where steps of the application were overlooked because the board was trying to speed up the process. In the end, it did not turn out fine.

Make your payments

After the review has been done, and your application has been granted, you can now go forward to pay for your license. The license fee, just like the license itself, differs according to states. So, what you will pay in Texas will be different from what you would pay in California.

The license fee also depends on the population of the place where you are selling the liquor. In other words, a place with a higher population will have a larger license fee than a place with a smaller population. The license fee in Liberty County TX is about $300 to $1400. One additional bit to keep in mind – the license fee is dependent on the type of liquor being sold.  Getting a license in Liberty County takes quite a lot of time, so you are going to have patience!

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