How To Get A Liquor License In Montgomery County, TX

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liquor license in montgomery county tx

Selling liquor at your business always requires proper certification, and the state of Texas can be quite strict on their liquor laws. You need to get a liquor license according to the laws of the state of Texas if you intend to start a liquor business in Montgomery County, TX.

There are authorities assigned to keeping the use and the sale of liquor in check. The license keeps your business running and away from the danger of being shut down.

You should certainly be familiar with this idea: when it comes to liquor, the type of liquor determines the kind of license you should get. Hard liquor carries a different license from beer and wine.

Wondering if your business is in Montgomery County? If you’re opening a business that sells liquor in the Woodlands, Conroe, Magnolia, Montgomery, or Willis, then you will need to get a liquor license in Montgomery County.

Here are the steps to get a liquor license in Montgomery County, TX:

Make inquiries first

Your first move should be to contact the County Liquor Board. From them, you can determine exactly what kind of liquor license you will need. The type of license will depend on the laws of the state and the specific type of liquor you want to sell.

Also, make sure that the license you need is available from them! You would not want to move straight into the application stage only to find out that you could have saved yourself the stress.

Start your liquor license application

Next, contact the Alcohol Beverage Control board of Texas to obtain the required forms. Fill them out appropriately. Then, write an application to the County Liquor Board. They will review your application.

In the process of reviewing the application, they will have to meet with your property owner. This is so they can help sign and approve the application for your license. The process to get this going can sound daunting, but it actually takes about two weeks or less, depending on the process involved.

Submit and wait for review

This process can take an additional three weeks, making the whole process around a month or so. During this process, the County Liquor Board is making sure that handing you a license won’t be a mistake – so it may drag on a bit. Also, you are certainly not the only one applying for a license at once! So it’s no surprise that it takes a little longer than you’d like.

Pay for your liquor license

The cost of the license differs according to the location where the license is applied for, and according to the population of the place where the liquor will be sold. For Montgomery County, TX, the license fee is between $300 to $1400. The price is highly dependent on the license required (which means it is also dependent on the liquor sold).

When trying to get a liquor license in Montgomery County TX, you will need to have patience. The process can be quite long- about 30-90 days in total. But after you get it the first time, renewal should be easier and quicker.

If you would rather take advantage of technology, you can simply apply for a license online. Keep in mind that it will still take as much time.

If you’re interested in starting a restaurant or bar in Montgomery County, you’ll be familiar with this process in no time! You will need to renew your license every 3 to 4 years.

Once you’ve got your license, finding the perfect liquor distributor is easy! We provide liquor for businesses in Montgomery County. If you have a liquor license and you’re searching for a liquor distributor, Zipps is the best choice. Learn more about our liquor distribution, or request a quote.

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