How To Get A Liquor License In Waller County, TX

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If you want to learn how to get a liquor license in Waller County, you have come to the right place! 

The state of Texas has strict laws regarding the sale of alcohol. They go further than just making sure you are not selling bogus liquor or selling to minors. Every county under the state of Texas, including Waller County, requires a liquor license for someone to trade liquor. A liquor license proves you are eligible to sell liquor, according to the liquor laws of the state of Texas. Getting a liquor license in Waller County is a process, so you must start the process long before starting to buy wholesale for the sake of then selling the liquor.

While getting a license is important, you should first gather all the information needed before you venture into the process of getting your license. There are different types of liquor licenses and these licenses differ. They differ according to locations, and they also differ according to the type of liquor. Meaning, the liquor license for Collin County in Texas might differ from the liquor license for Waller County. Similarly, licensing for the sale of wine would not be the same as licensing for the sale of beer or spirits

If you are opening a business that sells liquor in the cities of Hempstead, Brookshire, Buckhorn, Prairie View, Pine Island, or any other town in Waller County, follow these steps to get a liquor license:

Find out who to call and what documents you need

There are different documents you will need to procure before you start the process of applying for a license. You will need to first call the County Liquor Board to make a few inquiries.

There is a chance that the liquor license you are applying for is not available. You would not want to go through the process only to be told at the very end that the liquor license you applied for is not available. You also need to ask what kind of documents you need and where to get them.

Start applying

There are a few forms that you will have to fill out. To get these forms, you will have to contact the Alcohol and Beverage Control Board of Texas. These forms, along with your written application, will have to be sent to the County Liquor Board for review to begin. It is in this period of review that the wait is usually long, but you will need to wait it out and be patient.

During this review period, your property owner will be contacted to sign the documents that prove you reside where you say you do and are therefore eligible. This whole process should take about three weeks.

Process your payments

The payment for a liquor license differs depending on the state and population. In Waller County, Texas, the fee ranges from around $300 to $1400. This is dependent also, on the type of liquor being sold. Getting a liquor license is a process, but as long as you start early and are patient, you’ll find yourself in possession of one in no time. 

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